Script Love On A Rainy Day by Carla Pekander is part of Tirana International Film Festival Screenplay Contest 2023. 

Love On A Rainy Day - Tirana International Film Festival Screenplay Contest 2023


▪︎2021 Summer Night. Official Selection of Moinho Cine Fest, Official Selection of Vesuvius International Film Fest and Award Winner of Los Angeles Photography Awards and Official Selection of Los Angeles Fashion Film Festival. 

Los Angeles Fashion Film Festival- Official Selection- Summer Night

Winners - Los Angeles Photography Awards - Summer Night

Moinho Cine Fest - Official Selection- Summer Night

▪︎2021 Screenwriter for 'Cuore di Vetro ' (unrealized work), Official Selection of Vesuvius Film Festival, Best Feature/ TV Screenplay - Rome Prisma International Film Festival 


▪︎ 2021 Official Selection of Salerno Film Festival, Los Angeles Photo Awards Winner, Tokyo International Monthly Film Festival Honorable Mention, Official Selection of Film Miami Fest. Fashion Film - Past. Present. Future. Now.

Winners Rome Prisma Film Awards - PAST. PRESENT. FUTURE. NOW 


Los Angeles Photo Awards Winner - PAST. PRESENT. FUTURE. NOW

Radio Times - Past. Present. Future. Now
▪︎ 2021 Finnish Film Affair accredited guest,
▪︎ 2021 Espoo Cine International Film Festival' s photographer, photos published in HBL and Episodi, 

Episodi - Espoo Cine photo by Carla Pekander 

Leffanurkka - Espoo Cine - photo by Carla Pekander 

HBL - Espoo Cine - photo by Carla Pekander 


▪︎2021 Tampere International Film Festival's accredited guest,
▪︎2021 Afrocheck clothing brand - new collection's photographer
▪2020 Loud Silents Festival's photographer,
▪ 2020 Helsinki Cine Aasia Film Festival's photographer, 

Helsinki Cine Aasia 2020 - photo by Carla Pekander 

▪ 2020 Helsinki International Film Festival's photographer, 

HIFF 2020 - photo by Carla Pekander 

Kehitysmaatutkimus - photos by Carla Pekander
▪ 2020 Espoo Ciné International Film Festival's photographer,
▪ 2020 Photographer for 2060 Collection by fashion designer Sami Eskelinen, 

▪ 2017 Don't Forget to Remember Me - short film directed by Carla Pekander 

Meme Pas Peur Film Festival - film Dont Forget to Remember Me  

IMDB - Don't Forget to Remember Me