Trailer for short film Don't Forget to Remember Me  

/微电影《记住我不该忘记》预告片, 2017, 19min   


Trailer for short film Don't Forget to Remember MeDirected and written by Carla Pekander
Actresses: Wang Xiaofeng and Zheng Wanting


Don't Forget to Remember Me is a story about sisterhood that transcends place and time.  

The script was inspired by the director Carla Pekander's own childhood relationship with her sisters. 

The film was shot in Kunming, Yunnan Province, China.   





电影节 Festivals

Stringray International Film Festival 2023 - Best Short Film Award

Rohip International Film Festival 2023 - Best International Short Film Award

Mokkho International Film Festival 2023 - Best Short Film Award and Special Jury Award for Best Female Director 

Global Independent Film Festival of India 2023 - Official Selection 

Brussels Capital Film Festival 2023 - Official Selection 

Berlin Indie Film Festival 2023  - Official Selection 

Vesuvius International Film Fest 2023 - Official Selection 

FilmNest International Film Festival 2023 - Official Selection

Lift-Off Global Network Sessions November 2019

Asia South East Short Film Festival 2019 - Special Mention

Lift-Off Global Network First-Time Filmmakers Sessions October 2019

Meme Pas Peur International Film Festival 2019 - Official Selection

Los Angeles Cinefest 2018 - Semi-finalist

Texas Short Film Festival 2018 - Official Selection

Oregon Cinema Arts Film Festival 2018 - Official Selection

Mayuan Film Festival 2017 - nominated for Best Fiction and Best Cinematography 





演员 Cast 

姐姐 王晓凤
Elder sister Wang Xiaofeng

妹妹 郑婉婷
Younger sister Zheng Wanting

工作人员 Crew

导演 彭坤荣
Directed by Carla Pekander 

编剧  彭坤荣 黄舜
Written by Carla Pekander Huang Shun

场记 武凌汐  詹亦鸣
Continuity Wu Lingxi Zhang Yiming

制片 杨梦丹
Producer Yang Mengdan

摄影指导 袁远
Director of Photography Yuan Yuan

摄影师 余伟铭 潘骁 
Camera operators Yu Weiming Pan Xiao

摄影助理 李恒
Camera assistant Li Heng

灯光 潘骁 詹亦鸣
Lighting Pan Xiao Zhang Yiming

后期 张欣仪
Editing Zhang Xinyi

录音指导 王珊
Sound supervisor Wang Shan

录音 罗天宇  迟文勇 徐丹妮
Sound Luo Tianyu Chi Wenyong Xu Danni

服装化妆 欧阳姝蕊
Styling and makeup Ouyang Shurui

统筹 马谚梓辰 
Production coordinator Mayan Zichen

花絮拍摄 李晨
Making-Of Videographer Li Chen


平面设计师 温世亮

Graphic Designer Wen Shiliang


预告片剪辑 彭坤荣

Trailer Editor Carla Pekander 


法文字幕 French subtitles

Pauline Garest Raul Pekander  


特别感谢 Special thanks

Michael Benko