"All I ever wanted was a world without maps." 

- Michael Ondaatje, The English Patient



- Photographer and filmmaker

After five years in China, I am now based in Helsinki, Finland. Passionate about performing and visual arts all the way since childhood, I started pursuing my dreams by first taking a one year course at the Beijing Film Academy (2010-2011). Spending a year in the cosmopolitan atmosphere made me realize how close Beijing and LA actually are in the end - it truly felt as if the world was without maps and this idea has become a huge inspiration to me. 


During the early years I had the chance to be on real sets mostly as an actress or model. However I see having performing experience as one of my strengths as a director, it helps me to explain to the actors what is needed in each scene more efficiently and understand the importance of breaks.


After spending the year in Beijing, I grew interested in other provinces in China and realized there were some interesting locations in the south. Thus, I decided to attend Yunnan Arts University (2013-2017) for a BFA in Cinematography and Editing. During my studies I also had some courses on set & lighting design and sound design, but later there was more emphasis on the production side such as how to pitch, calculate budget, write filming schedules and so on. During 2013-2015 I gained experience in different student films and music videos as gaffer, production assistant, focus puller, assistant director, cinematographer, editor, set designer and so on, it was good time to learn a bit about everything. 


I have written and directed the short film Don't Forget to Remember Me (2017, 19 min) which was nominated for Best cinematography and Best fiction at the Mayuan Film Festival. The film was also a semi-finalist at Los Angeles Cinefest and an Official Selection of the Oregon Cinema Arts Film Festival, 
Official Selection of Texas Short Film Festival 2018, and Official Selection of Meme Pas Peur International Film Festival. The film received a Special Mention from Asia South East Short Film Festival 2019 and also participated in the Lift-Off Global Network First-Time Filmmakers Sessions October 2019. I was the director, cinematographer and editor for the music video Satu- Semi Seco, which was an Official Selection of World Music Festival. I have also directed, shot and edited a documentary Run Zhiying Run (2016, 22min) about a Chinese fashion student who dreams of studying abroad in London.   


Fashion film PAST. PRESENT. FUTURE. NOW. (2021) is an official selection of LOS ANGELES Photography Awards, Official Selection of Salerno Film Festival, Official Selection of Black Cat Award Film Festival, Official Selection of Lift-Off First-time Filmmaker Sessions @ Pinewood Studios, Official Selection of Film Miami Fest and Official Selection of Tokyo International Monthly Film Festival. Actress Hanna Jaskara Marquez, director Carla Pekander, producers Shiliang Wen and Raul Pekander. 


Fashion film SUMMER NIGHT (2021) is an Official Selection and Awards Winner of Los Angeles Photography Awards, Official Selection of Los Angeles Fashion Festival, Official Selection of Ekurhuleni International Film Festival, Berlin Indie Film Festival - Best Fashion Short, Official Selection of Moinho Cine Fest, Official Selection of Vesuvius International Film Fest, Brussels Capital Film Festival - Best Fashion Short. Actress Heta Uhtio.  Director Carla Pekander. Producer Shiliang Wen. 


Fashion films Toujours (2022) and Cherryblossoms (2022) were both Official Selection of Lift-Off First-time Filmmaker Sessions @ Pinewood Studios. Toujours: Actress Petra-Nea Pasanen, MUAH Tia Kokljuschkin, Director Carla Pekander. Cherryblossoms: Actress Sini Berggren, Director Carla Pekander.


Screenplay Cuore di Vetro - Heart of Glass (2021, unrealized work, TV series) is an Official Selection of Vesuvius International Film Fest, Official Selection of London International Screenwriting Competition, Official Selection of Oaxaca Film Fest, Official Selection of Naples Film Awards and Official Selection of Rome Independent PRISMA Awards. Script by Carla Pekander.  

Screenplay Love On A Rainy Day (2022) is an Official Selection of London International Screenwriting Competition. Script by Carla Pekander.


Since 2019, I have been a freelance contributor for Shutterstock, and it is possible to buy some of my photos here


Looking forward to working with you, please do not hesitate to get in touch. I am available worldwide for shoots in studio and outdoors. Editing, colour correction and design work can be arranged remotely if needed.   






本人曾经在中国生活和学习过五年,现在在芬兰的赫尔辛基工作。从小就对表演和视觉艺术充满热爱,2010年我开始真正追寻自己的梦想。 由于对中国电影的喜爱我选择了在北京电影学院学习课程(2010-2011学年)。在国际大都会学习的这一年时间,使我意识到北京和洛杉矶实际上到底有多接近。"没有地图的世界" ,这个来自《英国病人》书上的想法已经成为我的一个巨大的灵感。