Shooting short film "Don't forget to remember me" on a mountain at 6AM

March 19, 2017

I was very worried about shooting this dream scene for "Don't forget to remember me", because there very so many things that could have possibly gone wrong. We needed the day  to be cloudy, but not rainy. It was raining heavily the day before and we decided that we see in the morning, if it was not raining, we would head up the mountain. Luckily for us, the weather was in our favour. It was really cold up the mountain as you can tell from what most of us are wearing. Our leading actress Wang Xiaofeng (王晓凤)was only wearing a black summer dress, but she looked gorgeous despite the cold.

I edited the colours in the first picture (taken by our MUA&stylist) in order to have a feel of the final look of the film. I love the look of old color reversal films such as Kodak Aerochrome and Kodachrome.


Photos by Ouyang Shurui

Photo editing by Carla Pekander