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first EP.  Follow us on Instagram to stay updated when both the song and video will be released: @satumusiikki and @carlapekander.

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Helsinki Design Week I have always wanted to go to Helsinki Design Week, but before I was always somewhere else. Finally, this year I have had the chance to help out at the Helsinki Design Week as a volunteer and have been lucky to see the biggest design festival in the Nordic countries from behind-the-scenes. I took these pictures at the Design Market in the Cable Factory and you can really see how crowded it was, and in fact, I heard they made a record on Saturday with 15 000 visitors in one day! 

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"Don't Forget to Remember Me" at Mayuan Film Festival Actress Wang Xiaofeng Actress Zheng Wanting Don't Forget to Remember Me's cast and crew first walked the red carpet at Mayuan Film Festival, and later in the evening the film was screened. I have posted some of our selfies from the red carpet already on Instagram. Don't Forget to Remember Me got two nominations: Best cinematography and Best fiction. It was nice to see the result of all our hard work from the big screen - even though it was also a bit nerve wracking too. After the screening, the cast and crew were invited to the stage for a Q&A session and luckily managed to answer even the more difficult questions by the audience. Overall, the festival was a great experience to showcase our short film and also get to see other people's films. Let's keep all fingers (and toes) crossed that there would be more opportunities such as this one!

Photos: Carla Pekander, except the group photo from the stage is taken by Li Jiaxin

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"Creative Cangyuan" Fashion Exhibition

I went to take pictures of the "Creative Cangyuan" fashion design exhibition yesterday. Two designers I know, Min Zhiying and Ouyang Shurui, had their collections on the exhibition. This year's theme for the exhibition was inspired by the Wa Minority in Cangyuan. I had taken pictures of both their collections and I was happily surprised to see my photos in two posters at the exhibition. The exhibition will be open from June 2 to June 8 and it is worth visiting if you happen to be in Kunming during those dates. I strongly recommend visiting! I had a very enjoyable experience there yesterday.

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Trailer for "Don't Forget to Remember Me" Don't Forget to Remember Me Trailer
As promised, here comes the trailer for my film "Don't Forget to Remember Me". Principal photography was done in Kunming and ended in March.  Below is the list of all the people who were making it. I am so grateful to everyone who helped me make this film. Thank you all for good work!

It has been a really long process, from when I first started writing to script until today, and even though I feel relieved it's all over, at the same time I feel a bit sad that I have to move on. I guess it's time to find a new, big project to work on!






Don't Forget to Remember Me



演员 Cast

姐姐 王晓凤
Elder sister Wang Xiaofeng

妹妹 郑婉婷
Younger sister Zheng Wanting

工作人员 Crew

导演 彭坤荣
Directed by Carla Pekander 

编剧  彭坤荣 黄舜
Written by Carla Pekander Huang Shun

场记 武凌汐  詹亦鸣
Continuity Wu Lingxi Zhang Yiming

制片 杨梦丹
Producer Yang Mengdan

摄影指导 袁远
Director of Photography Yuan Yuan

摄影师 余伟铭 潘骁 
Camera operators Yu Weiming Pan Xiao

摄影助理 李恒
Camera assistant Li Heng

灯光 潘骁 詹亦鸣
Lighting Pan Xiao Zhang Yiming

后期 张欣仪
Editing Zhang Xinyi

录音指导 王珊
Sound supervisor Wang Shan

录音 罗天宇  迟文勇 徐丹妮
Sound Luo Tianyu Chi Wenyong Xu Danni

服装化妆 欧阳姝蕊
Styling and makeup Ouyang Shurui

统筹 马谚梓辰 
Production coordinator Mayan Zichen

花絮拍摄 李晨
Making-Of Videographer Li Chen


预告片 彭坤荣

Trailer  Carla Pekander

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I'm on Instagram!

You can now find me on Instagram!

Follow me: carla.pekander

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Sneak peeks from my film "Don't Forget to Remember Me"

"Don't Forget to Remember Me" is almost finished, at the moment we are still in the process of audio mixing.
Maybe in a month or so we will have the trailer ready, however I want to share a few sneak peeks of the film. 

Actresses are Wang Xiaofeng and Zheng Wanting as I have mentioned in earlier posts. The film is written and directed by me.

I hope you enjoy and keep waiting for more! ;)

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Cherry blossoms I think this year I might have slightly missed the best cherry blossoms season. The weather quickly turned cold again and the poor flowers seem to have withered away before they even had enough time to fully blossom. Let's hope better luck next year! Sharing an old picture from 2010 taken in Chaoyang Park, Beijing.

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Dacora Digna I am so excited about my new camera, Dacora Digna (circa 1950/54). It belonged originally to my grandfather and was forgotten in the attic for decades, until my father found it and gave it to me in January. I wanted to have it serviced, but that turned out pretty difficult and I just decided it myself. Now all those camera technician tips I got at Angel Films were golden. The camera was horribly dusty in the beginning, yet now it looks brand new. My friend actually thought I just bought it. I had ordered film online and it just arrived. I will be taking this treasure out now and I will be posting later with the results.

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London here I come

I have received an offer for MA Fashion Media Production at UAL London College of Fashion. I am so excited! The University of the Arts London was ranked the sixth best in the world for arts and design last year by QS. I'm really looking forward to starting my course in September and getting access to all the great facilities. In this course, I will be doing the fashion films path.

 After five years in China, it feels like it's time for new adventures and I'm so ready!



Model: Ruusa Kotilainen

Photography: Carla Pekander


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Shooting short film "Don't forget to remember me" on a mountain at 6AM

I was very worried about shooting this dream scene for "Don't forget to remember me", because there very so many things that could have possibly gone wrong. We needed the day  to be cloudy, but not rainy. It was raining heavily the day before and we decided that we see in the morning, if it was not raining, we would head up the mountain. Luckily for us, the weather was in our favour. It was really cold up the mountain as you can tell from what most of us are wearing. Our leading actress Wang Xiaofeng (王晓凤)was only wearing a black summer dress, but she looked gorgeous despite the cold.

I edited the colours in the first picture (taken by our MUA&stylist) in order to have a feel of the final look of the film. I love the look of old color reversal films such as Kodak Aerochrome and Kodachrome.


Photos by Ouyang Shurui

Photo editing by Carla Pekander

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Internship at Angel Films

I was really lucky to have the opportunity to work as a Camera department trainee for two months this year. 

In January and February I was playing with all these amazing cameras and lenses that I had just dreamt of

before. As a camera geek, it was truly a dream come true. I am eternally grateful :)

I can't wait to put everything I learned to practice for my next big project!

PS. If you are in Finland and need film equipment or studio, check them out:

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Behind the scenes of "Don't forget to remember me"

Pictures feature the main actresses of the film “Don't forget to remember me” Wang Xiaofeng (王晓凤) and Zheng Wanting (郑琬婷) who in the film portray two sisters that have run away from their abusive father. Photography by Carla Pekander.

The elder sister (played by Wang Xiaofeng) has dropped out from school and taken up a job in waiting in a cafe in order to support herself and her little sister (played by Zheng Wanting) and their orange cat (played by Jade). She dreams of one day becoming a fashion designer and sneaks into a university's fashion design classes. The two sisters are so different, the elder sister being more dark and shy whereas the little sister is playful and sometimes even mischievous. But then one night changed their lives forever. The elder sister (Wang Xiaofeng) has to experience what happens when everything familiar is not real anymore and her mind is failing her.   

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Building the set for short film "Don't forget to remember me"

"Don't forget to remember me" (Chinese:记住我不该忘记) is a short film written and directed in Chinese by Carla Pekander. It was ranked as the Best Fiction Script by the jury at the Film and TV School of Yunnan Arts University and awarded 3000 RMB production support plus equipment. Building the set started in November, filming started December 13th and lasted for about two weeks, later filming outside scenes continued in March 2017.

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